Henriques 42 Yacht Transport

I was happy to transport this new Henriques 42 Fishing Yacht for the owner Frank. I enjoy the challenge of large yacht transport over long distances and the Henriques 42 definitely qualifies. At 47′ long, 14’10” beam and weighing upwards of 45,000 lbs. it is on the larger side of yachts I have the pleasure of transporting. Henriques Flybridge models have the additional complication of having to be transported on 2 trucks as the yacht itself is so large the flybridge cannot legally be packaged on the same trailer. I reached out to a few of my trusted colleagues and contracted with Todd at TNK Marine Transport to transport the flybridge. As planned, all went smooth on the trip from New Jersey to San Diego. Once there the Henriques was transferred onto another transport trailer in order to be loaded onto a ship. Pasha Hawaii¬†specializes in transporting large items to and from Hawaii. They would transport the yacht to its final destination in Hawaii.

Henriques 42 Specifications

The specifications for Henriques Yachts can be found on their website at https://www.henriquesyachts.com/.