Cabo Rico 38 Sailboat Shipping

Sailboat shipping requires a knowledgeable and experienced transporter to ensure it is done right. Do your due diligence, read reviews, talk to other boaters that have had their boats transported overland. “Moya” is a 1978 Cabo Rico 38 that we transported from Traverse City Michigan to Indiantown, Florida. All the prep was done by the owners prior to my arrival. The ride to Florida went smooth with no unexpected delays or surprises.

Sailboat Shipping, The Mast

The single most important detail in sailboat shipping is choosing the right yard to do the preparations to the boat. Granted, the transporter has much to do with the move but the yard is where it all begins. The most common issue we run into is the lack of care when preparing the mast. Ideally you want everything stripped from the mast and stowed below. This keeps the rigging from chafing the mast while driving down the road. If you are unwilling to have everything removed then you need to take care to pad the mast well. After wrapping the mast in carpet or another like material to protect it you can tightly tape the rigging to it. Next you will want to wrap it with shrink wrap and finally tape to keep the wrap from coming off during transport.

1978 Cabo Rico 38 Specifications

I find sailboat specifications at Specific to the Cabo Rico can be found HERE.

Traverse City, Michigan

Harbor West Yacht Club located in Northern Michigan is no newbie when it comes to loading. The team there were very efficient in getting me loaded and heading down the road. Very capable people and I look forward to visiting again.

Indiantown, Florida

Located inland on the Okeechobee Waterway, Indiantown Marina is a sizable yard and also very capable.