Nordhavn 35 Trawler Transport

I transport, what I consider, a fair amount of Trawlers. So much so that I have fabricated specific racking to support them. This makes it that much easier to provide safe and reliable Nordhavn 35 Trawler Transport. I picked up this Nordhavn, “Ocean Pilot”, in Texas and transported it to Washington for the owner who was relocating. I carry plenty of racking to carry extra items like the dingy and outboard motor. Contact me anytime for your free quote.

Nordhavn 35 Trawler Transport Specifications

Nordhaven has a great website that shows all the features and specifications of their trawlers.

Rockport, Texas

Hooking Bull Boatyard in Rockport, Texas is a small, do-it-yourself boatyard that I have been to several times. They are a pleasure to do business with and look forward to the next trip.

Anacortes, Washington

North Harbor Diesel and Yacht Service located in Anacortes Washington. They have over 5 acres of facilities and can can accommodate over 100 vessels for sale, storage or service.