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History Behind the Westsail 32

In 1971, Westsail International introduced the Westsail 32 and produced more than 800 of the ships until 1981 when the company ceased operations and went out of business. It is approximated that half of the Westsails 32’s were factory finished while the other half were sold as boat kits (boats that were sold in various stages of completion).

The sailboat can be identified of being either factory finished or boat kit assembly by looking at the prefix. WSSF identifies factory finished while WSSK distinguishes boat kit assembly. If you want to learn more about the history behind this sailboat, check out this boat review.

Westsail 32 Specifications

Eric finds his specifications for his sailboat transports at sailboatdata.com. Here are the Specs for the Westsail 32.

Grand River Marina

Grand River Marina operates as a full service marina on both the east and the west coasts of the Grand River. They offer services such as full engine & hull repair, winter storage and mast removal, just to name a few. They also have security gate access at the facility. You can find them at 939 Water Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077. The employees there are not only helpful but also friendly!

The day that Eric had picked up the sailboat it was unfortunately raining out. While it is always desirable to have a nice weather for the transport, including the pick-up and drop off, the job will always get done with the highest level of care and priority. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and the safety of the boat in transport.

River Side Marina

River Side Marina is located at 2350 Old Dixie Highway, Fort Pierce, Florida 34946. It’s a family owned and operated business since 1979. With this marina, you can do the job yourself or have help from the close knit staff. They too offer a range of services like a fully stocked marine store, a mechanic shop, an in-house welder, seasonal storage and a variety of repair & maintenance services. They also offer the only brand new 75 MT Travelift in the area! At River Side Marina, you’ll find a staff that is welcoming and willing to help!


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