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I am always happy to provide a quote free of charge as well as answer any questions you may have. Feel free to fill out the Quote Request form, send me an email, or if you prefer, call me.


Any information provided on this form or otherwise to me will not be shared. You will not receive spam emails or marketing phone calls. If, for various reasons, I cannot provide transport services for you I will either provide names and contact information of other legal and legitimate transporters or make contact with them myself and refer you too them.

Common Issues:

Please double check all your information before submitting. I receive a fair amount of quote requests with typo’s in the email address or mailing addresses in the pick up or drop off locations.

Shipping a boat is no different then shipping via UPS or FedEx. At a minimum, I need to know the length, width, height, weight, pick up and drop off locations to calculate a cost for transport. 

Bridges and other overhead obstructions are not uniform so there is no “maximum allowable height”. The simplest answer to this question is 13’6″ is legal height everywhere. Anything above that just costs more and every inch counts.

Our route is determined by the length, width, height and weight of the load. If I do not know the dimensions I cannot map out the proper route, therefore, I cannot provide an accurate quote.

The only way to get accurate measurements is to physically measure the boat. Very few manufacturers publish the overall height of their boats. More times than not when they do they are not accurate as there are too many variables.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Eric

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