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Eric Chevillet Boat Shipping

My name is Eric Chevillet and have been a self-employed owner/operator since 1999. I started this boat shipping company with a pickup truck and a few simple ideals. Treat everything I transport better than as if it was my own. Charge consistent fair and reasonable rates (exact quotes, never having additional charges). When you choose to hire Safe Harbor Haulers, you get Safe Harbor Haulers (I do not subcontract or broker loads). Finally, I will always return a phone call or e-mail promptly especially while I am in possession of your property. This along with extreme dedication, resolve, and the support of my friends, family, and colleagues is why Safe Harbor Haulers LLC continues to be the premier boat shipping company throughout the United States and Canada.

Our first-time clients continually become long-term customers time and time again mainly due to our consistent service. We offer a free transport estimate at a fair and honest not to exceed price.  Our transport business has steadily grown throughout the years thanks to the referrals of our past clientele as well as the many manufacturers, marinas, boatyards, dealers, brokers, and fellow transporters that we deal with on a daily basis.

Our Commitment

Continued reinvestment is the key to any business. As 2017 draws to a close it is time to start the design, engineering and construction of Trailer 3. Trailer 2 has been a great addition to Safe Harbor Haulers and has been very reliable but is beginning to show the signs of it’s age. I have also learned, from reading the fine print of my insurance policy, that any damage to a load caused by a trailer that is greater than 10 years old is not covered by any insurance company. Obviously this pushed me toward constructing a new trailer as apposed to refurbishing the old.

Waltron Boat Transport Trailer
Waltron Boat Transport Trailer

Trailer SHH003 was constructed at Waltron Trailers in Ridgetown, Ontario Canada. Waltron builds, by far, the best long haul transport trailers money can buy. Working closely with the team at Waltron I have “tweeked” their original design slightly in order to stretch the belly of the trailer upwards of 21″ longer than Trailer 2. This, in addition to a newly designed front belly and cross members, will allow me to carry power boats 3″ – 6″ lower and wing keel sailboats 6″ – 8″ lower.

I have kept the standard upgrades done to Trailer 2 such as suspension raise and lower from the cab, stainless steel spring loaded flags, full cover stainless steel fenders, aluminum Dura-brighted wheels and Michelin tires. In addition I have added an auto air system that can inflate the tires automatically while driving down the road to ensure a slow leak from road debris doesn’t become a blowout that could endanger your boat. I chose Line-X for the belly to keep Trailer 3 looking good with lighting to illuminate your boat while parked overnight for safety. There are many more warning lights including a rear mounted arrow bar to keep the crazies away.

In my continued commitment to provide the best service in the boat trucking industry I have upgraded to a new truck. My 2017 Peterbilt 579 is the cutting edge of technology and aerodynamics available today. Taking upwards of  1 year to spec and an additional 7 months to construct. I have personally researched and hand picked every part of every system in this truck to ensure it will far surpass anything on the road today. Put into service the beginning of August 2016 it has been a long journey faced with many hurdles. All of those difficulties melted away after starting off on its maiden voyage carrying a Columbia 34 sailboat from Maryland to Washington.

Welcome truck Two, “EVE”, a 2017 Peterbilt 579 with custom 108″ sleeper. Some of Eve’s safety features include on board tire pressure and temperature monitoring. This system actively monitors each tire on the truck and trailer to warn of any decrease in tire pressure or increase in temperature and gives audio and visual warnings if any tire falls outside of set parameters. Hogebuilt full cover stainless steel fenders that I also incorporate on the trailer to keep road debris from being thrown from the tires at your boat. Right Weigh Load Scales are a digital dashboard display of not only the overall weight of your boat but the distribution of that weight amongst each axle. This is used to ensure a safe and smooth trouble free ride. LED warning lights by Feniex Industries include 3 roof mounted light bars with integrated arrow bar and high mount stop/tail/turn lights, 4 wide lux 6×4 grill mounted lights, and 4 t3 rear view mirror mounted lightheads. Satellite GPS location that any of my customers can check while in transit. And by far the best feature I’ve never seen incorporated into a truck until now. A full 1080 HD Video system with night vision including a dash cam, one camera on each rear view mirror as well as 1 mounted on the center of the sleeper roof overlooking your boat while loading, transporting, and unloading. The best part of this system is that it records 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to a DVR. Contact me for a boat shipping estimate.

Peterbilt Boat Transport Trucking
HD Video Cameras Boat Transport

Some of the more “creature comforts” include; front and rear air ride suspension, air ride cab and sleeper, air ride leather heated and cooled seats, concert class sound system by Rockford Fosgate and Focal, in cab lap top mount, hardwood floors, Peterbilt’s SmartAir battery powered air conditioning system with auto temp control, integrated mountain bike cabinet, full size rear door, rear full width awning, full size bed, dinette, full size microwave convection oven, full size R/V refrigerator/freezer, Keurig coffee maker, single burner gas cooktop and a stainless steel barbecue grill that pulls out of the rear of the sleeper.

Padded Bunks for Boat Hauling

I’m committed to providing every client with the highest level of boat shipping safety and service. To do this, I continue to invest in the best trucking equipment available for boat transportation.  I have found numerous occasions in this industry where substandard equipment is accepted and used regularly. I do not simply accept this as “the standard”. If I come across an improvement that can be made I develop a plan and execute it quickly. My background allows me the means to invent and manufacture quality equipment and components when none are available elsewhere. I constantly strive to be the number one boat trucking provider in the country and offer honest fair estimates.

Thank You,

Eric, Safe Harbor Haulers LLC

Sailboat Transport Mast Stand

The Growth Continues

As we enter 2021 Safe Harbor Haulers has reached it’s next milestone. After nearly 13 years of searching I have found the next addition to this ever expanding enterprise. Welcome Don Ramos to the team. Don will be piloting a new 2022 Peterbilt 579, “CAIN”, along with one of the two new trailers we are adding this year. Don’s brings with him 11 years of Oversize Load trucking experience as well as 4 years of running pilot cars while transporting Oversize Yachts. He is extremely talented and dedicated as it shows in his work every day. We are proud to have him as an addition to our team as we know he had many options to choose from. Welcome aboard Don.

“CAIN” will be the little brother of “EVE” with all the same specifications, accessories and safety features. A fully loaded 2022 Peterbilt 579  along with 360 degree high definition cameras that record 24/7, full cover stainless steel fenders and plenty of Feniex warning lights just to name a few accessories.

SHH003 has been a phenomenal trailer with no complaints but even as great as it is I constantly strive for better.  Trailers SHH004 and SHH005 will be extremely similar to SHH003 with the exception of, a first ever for Waltron Trailers, air disc brakes. There will also be a few additional tweaks to make loading and unloading a little smoother and some lighting modifications to provide additional safety both on and off the road.

Our Colleagues

Being an owner operated company with a single truck and trailer I unfortunately cannot provide boat shipping for all of my potential clients 100% of the time. Therefore I have worked diligently to build strong relationships over the years with a select few fellow transporters whom I have grown to trust. When necessary, I refer these colleagues without hesitation as I am confident in their abilities to provide the same level of service I do. In addition, everyone Safe Harbor Haulers conducts business with is known to be fully licensed and insured. I do not support the use of illegal transporters in any way.

Christopher Holmes is the owner of U.S. Boat Haulers LLC. Chris is a very dedicated owner / operator such as myself and someone whom I recommend without hesitation. We often refer clients to each other as we find ourselves on the wrong side of the country or unable to meet their time frame. He operates throughout the United States and Canada with his 2013 Peterbilt tractor and 53′ Waltron widebelly boat transport trailer. We both will offer a fair cost estimate.

US Boat Haulers
Azimut Yacht Transport

Sean Bushy is owner / operator of Coastal Lights, LLC and although he wouldn’t be able to haul your boat for you he is considered to be the best in the business when it comes to pilot car services. If I haul your boat and it requires a pilot car, chances are Sean will be guiding our way, call for estimate.