Sailboat Transport

Safe Harbor Haulers provides reliable, safe and on time boat transport throughout the United States and Canada. I do not broker or sub out loads, as such, when you hire my company you get my company. We utilize a very detailed schedule in order to stay on time. This is so you or your yard isn’t waiting for us to show up costing you additional money. I use modern equipment that is diligently maintained to avoid breakdowns. Further, I have GPS location available to you during your transport as well as high definition video security cameras. We are one of the top boat transporters in the country. Contact me today for your free Boat Transport Quote.

Sailboat Delivery

Sailboat delivery is a delicate process that requires years of hands on knowledge and experience to master. As you can see in the photos on this page as well asĀ previous transports listed here, we must construct a custom cradle for each and every sailboat transport. Experience is key as you typically load the boat first while leaving adequate space to load additional items. These could include the mast, boom, dinghy, dinghy motor, bimini frame, bow and stern pulpits, etc. Additionally, how much weight and the location of each support is critical so as to not cause damage to the boat. Securing the boat to the trailer adds additional complications as the trailer is a dynamic structure and will be flexing while traveling down the highway.

Boat Transporter

You want to make certain you are choosing the best transporter for your boat. When everything is correct the transport will be smooth and without complications. If done poorly you may very well end up with a screw pad through your hull, a cleat pulled out of your deck or worse.