Yacht Transport Process

I try to keep your yacht transport process as simple as possible because I’m sure you have enough to think about. It all starts with either a phone call or email. Once you’ve contacted me and provided me with the information found on my Contact page the process begins. I will reply promptly with a quote for transport. If you accept I will then need your mailing address, hull number, and approximate value of your boat in order to have my insurance agent (Adrianne) forward a Certificate of Liability Insurance (On Right) directly to you. This is done for your protection because if a certificate is made out and sent to you directly from my agent it never passes through my hand so I have no way to modify the information contained in it. The insurance companies direct contact information is found on it and you may contact them to verify the authenticity of it if you choose. This further protects you because if any of the listed coverages are cancelled, changed, or otherwise modified the insurance company is obligated to inform you.

The next thing you will receive from me is a “Contract” (Right Bottom) This is a simple contract spelling out the important details of your yacht transport such as the pick up and drop off addresses, dimensions of your boat, dates to be moved and of course the agreed upon price. Once you have received your Certificate of Insurance and Contract you can send me a 20% deposit in order to solidify your space in the schedule. Please note I book on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of a 20% deposit. I do my best to inform people of the current schedule while discussing their transport but cannot save a space in the schedule until a deposit is received.

Shortly after I receive your deposit we will make contact with your marinas to introduce yourself, if we haven’t been there already, and make sure we are on their schedules. If you have any changes in the schedule between the time of booking and pick up we will contact both marinas to inform them of the changes if you haven’t already.

As your pick up date approaches we will again contact the pick up marina to confirm everything is all set on their end and ready to go. We typically show up for pick up the night before and spend the night at the marina. This gives us extra time to prep the trailer to accept your boat in order to make the loading process go smooth. Typical loading times are 1-1.5 hours for power boats and 3-4 hours for sail boats.

Once your boat is loaded and strapped down pictures and the Glympse tracker is texted to you and we head out. All permits and routing are done ahead of time so there is no waiting around once it’s loaded. Most boats transported are oversized loads and therefore limited to daylight hours with few exceptions. You can estimate travel distance to be 500 – 700 miles per day as we are mostly limited to daylight hours. In addition the DOT limits us to no more than 11 hours per day driving time and many states limit our speed to 55 mph.

We will contact the drop off marina once on route to confirm we are on their unloading schedule. Every attempt to stop is made if something of interest is seen that I can capture in a photo with your boat to send to you. While transporting your boat we are available 24 hours a day via cell phone and email if you have any questions or concerns.

We typically call both you and the drop off marina the day before arrival to give a time of arrival so that everyone is on the same page and the unloading can go smoothly. When we arrive at the marina final payment is due before the boat is unloaded from the trailer. We will then unstrap the boat and assist the marina with the unloading. This typically take under 1 hour to remove all the straps and bunks and stow them away to head out to the next boat.

Insurance Certificate

Certificate of Insurance

Transport Contract

Safe Harbor Haulers, LLC, 95 Old Stagecoach Road, Hinsdale, MA 01235 (Hereby referred to as “The Hauler”) agrees to transport a , hull ID# , (Hereby referred to as “The Boat”), with a total approximate value of $<00,000.00>, from to . For the transportation, (Hereby referred to as “The Shipper”) agrees to pay the sum of $<0,000.00> (Contract Price). Credit card payments will incur a 4.5% processing fee. The Contract Price is contingent on the Boat’s specifications of approximately ’ in length, no greater than ’” Beam, no greater than ’” in height, and weighing no more than lbs. Additional charges will apply if not within above stated specifications. The Contract Price does not include any prep to the Boat that may be required for transport nor does it include loading and unloading to and from the Hauler’s trailer (all of which should be taken care of by the Shipper). The Hauler agrees to furnish all required permits, insurance, private or police escorts, when required, as well as cover any associated costs (Tolls, Fuel, etc.). The Hauler estimates pick up on and will deliver the Boat within business days barring any unforeseen circumstances. Until delivery is complete the Hauler agrees to maintain commercial liability, automobile liability, and commercial cargo insurance coverage in the amounts indicated on the certificate of liability insurance naming the Shipper as additional inured, dated and delivered to Shipper by the Haulers Insurance Agent. Shipper agrees to pay a 20% deposit upon acceptance of this Contract in the amount of $<0,000.00>. Payment should be made in the form of a check (mailed to the Hauler’s address above), credit card (additional 4.5% processing fee), or bank wire transfer (contact Hauler for wire information). Until such deposit is received by the Hauler no guarantees are expressed or implied as to the timeframe provided. Due to each shipment being placed into a specific scheduled slot throughout the country deposits are nonrefundable within 30 days of pickup. Shipper agrees to pay the balance of $<0,000.00> via certified funds upon arrival of the Boat at the final destination, prior to unloading from the Hauler’s trailer. Payment of deposit and final balance may be made by a third party on behalf of the Shipper.