460 Sea Ray Transport

This 460 Sea Ray Transport took place mid November of 2016. The props were removed and stowed prior to my arrival by the marina. The remainder of the prep included clearing of the arch and removal of all the canvas and carpeting.  This required service was not offered at the pick up location. Although not a normal occurrence, I am fully qualified and equipped to perform these tasks when the need arises.

Sea Ray Transport, Overall Height

Overall loaded height is a very important aspect of overland boat transport. I am equipped with a 53′ Waltron wide belly boat transport trailer that I have personally modified. My trailer has specially modified crossmembers that allow me to get boats closer than others to the ground during transport. Also installed are in cab height controls that regulate the suspension height of the truck and trailer. I can raise the trailer if I need to clear a hump in the road such as railroad tracks. I can lower the trailer to 1″ off the ground if I need to clear an overhead obstruction such as a tree branch or bridge. These modifications were originally installed so I could carry up to a 460 Sea Ray with the arch in place without being “over height”. I have since noticed this feature helps with many other powerboats as well as sailboats.

Sea Ray 460 Specifications

Searay.com is an excellent resource for the specifications of their boats. Sea Ray has an extensive library of Spec sheets as well as brochures of previous models that can be viewed on their site.

Ketchum, Oklahoma

Port Carlos Marina located on the Neosho River in Ketchum, Oklahoma was a little tighter than I would like. The staff there performed well and we got the 460 loaded quickly. I was then able to take the remainder of the evening to leisurely do the required prep. When the 2 escorts arrived the next morning we were ready to roll out.

Edgewood, Maryland

Flying Point Marina is located just north of Baltimore on the Bush River which feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. This Sea Ray was delivered here for the new owners as they were upgrading from a 30ish’ version. The yard performed well considering there travel lift appeared to be no match for the 460.