2002 Hunter 420 Sailboat Move

“Patty Sue” is a 2002 Hunter 420 sailboat move I completed in the fall of 2016. All prep was completed by the staff in Fort Pierce prior to my arrival with the exception of having to lower the helm station. I work with every client to attempt to limit the amount of disassembly required to transport their boat. Unfortunately, in this case, the boat wasn’t sitting level on the hard so the height measurements weren’t accurate. After loading the Hunter onto the trailer we completed lowering of the helm station. Lastly, I added a candy cane wrap of shrink wrap tape to the mast to avoid losing the plastic wrap. This step is often overlooked.

Sailboat Move, The Keel

No one sailboat move is like the last. This Hunter 420 for instance was fitted with a shoal draft wing keel. Wing keels require specific attention to the positioning on the trailer as well as the placement of the support blocking. This is in order to prevent damage to the wink keel during transport. You never want to put blocking under the wings as it will certainly cause damage to them. Safe Harbor Haulers specializes in every type of sailboat move. As you can see from the photos on this site the trailer is extremely adaptable to any vessel.

2002 Hunter 420

I find sailboat move specifications on sailboatdata.com and specific to the Hunter 420 HERE.

Fort Pierce, Florida

Harbortown Marina in Fort Pierce, Florida is located inside Fort Pierce Inlet just minutes from the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They are a very capable, full service marina with plenty of room to maneuver in and out of .

Denison, Texas

Located on the Texas shores of Lake Texoma is Grandpappy Point Resort and Marina. The lake straddles the state border of Texas and Oklahoma and is a frequent stop. They are very capable and I recommend them highly.