Henriques Yacht Maine Coaster 42 Boat Transport

Lanoka Harbor Marina

The transport for the Henriques Yacht Maine Coaster 42 began at Lanoka Harbor Marina. Their location allows for easy access to the Barnegat Bay & Inlet, as well as offering protection. At Lanoka, they offer repair services on site provided by J&E Marine Repair and a do it yourself option. Service resources include two travel lifts that can handle boats up to 35 tons and 60 feet. Lanoka also has brokerage services on site through East Coast Marine Brokers. Storage options at Lanoka Harbor Marina include bulkhead and dock slips for boats up to 60 feet. They also offer dry storage and winter storage. You can view a map of their marina on their website! Their friendly staff is at 888 Bay Way # 1, Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734!

Schooner Creek Boat Works

The transport ended at Schooner Creek Boat Works in Portland, Oregon. They’re a full-service boat repair and manufacturing yard established in 1977. Schooner’s have a variety of services through their boat builders, mechanics, and their rig shop! Their boat builders have the ability to do stainless steel, wood, and fiberglass repairs. Boat mechanics can repower boats, install new electronics, and replace tanks & systems. The rig shop also have the ability to replace standard rigging, running rigging, and the entire mast & boom if necessary. You can read more in depth about their services they provide on their website! Their welcoming staff can be found at 3255 N Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217!

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