1981 Southern Cross 28 Sailboat Transport

Southern Cross 28 History & Specs

The Southern Cross 28 was designed by Thomas Gillmer who graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1935. Following graduation, he served on light cruisers in both the Pacific and the Mediterranean. He later returned to the academy as an instructor in naval construction, damage control and marine engineering during World War II. He eventually became the chairman of the naval engineering department. Then in 1967, Gillmer retired from active teaching at the Naval Academy to dedicate full time towards designing ship replicas and yachts. In 1978, the first Southern Cross 28 was built.

The Southern Cross 28’s rigging is a cutter, an often favorite type of rig for cruising sailboats. It offers a range of sail combinations depending on the wind strengths that are easily manageable. To find more about the specs for Southern Cross 28, you can check them out here at sailboatdata.com

Pensacola Shipyard

Eric picked the Southern Cross 28 up at Pensacola Shipyard located at 700 South Myrick Street Pensacola, Florida 32505. After opening in 1917, Pensacola Shipyard received a contract from the US government to build steel ships. These ships are known as the Liberty Ships. They were a class of cargo ship that was built and used by the US during the second world war. Eventually due to shortages of the more suitable hulls, some of the Liberty Ships had a job change to being used as troop transports. Pensacola Shipyard was one of several shipyards to build these steel ships. To read more in detail about their history, check it out here.

The facility at Pensacola provides a trailer boat storage, a ships store, and a pump out station. They have floating docks that are capable of accommodating vessels up to 70′. For vessels that are 100′ or more, there is a 670 linear feet waterfront that is capable of docking them. The facility is also gated, as well as being equipped with a 24 hour video surveillance to ensure security and safety.

Pensacola’s boatyard has a variety of equipment including a 14 ton mobile crane, forklifts that range from 4,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and a 4,000 pound 21 foot long forklift boom. They also have an environmentally friendly wet-blast system offering wet-etch bottom prep, running gear prep, top side paint stripping on aluminum, fiberglass & steel. To see more of their equipment and capabilities, they have everything posted on their website!

Spicer’s Marina

Eric finished the boat transport for the Southern Cross 28 at Spicer’s Marina, located at 93 Marsh Road #2 Groton, CT 06340. Spicer’s is a full service marina equipped with a variety of certified and trained mechanics that are both friendly and helpful. It’s family owned that started in the 1950’s by the grandfather and father of the owner. Spicer’s offers a full range of support services ranging from hauling to launching, bottom painting to full fiberglass & mechanical repairs. There are 30′ and 40′ concrete & wood floating piers and fixed docks, as well as supporting a mooring field for over 140 boats.

Location wise, Spicer’s has the Noank peninsula flanking to their east and to the west is the Groton Long Point. This location allows the marina to reside in protected waters. There is also a 680-foot breakwater to interrupt the ocean’s motion from the south. In addition to the breakwater, there is 200 feet of open water between rocks and land. This allows a free circulation which ultimately keeps the water in the cove clean. Spicer’s is also located near multiple attraction sites within walking distance!

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