1983 Morgan 36-5 Sailboat Shipping

Nelson Marek

In 1979, Bruce Nelson and Bruce Marek established the yacht design firm, Nelson Marek. They were the designers for the Morgan 36-5 and built by Morgan Yachts. The majority of their designs include custom built yachts which include world class racers. In addition to the Morgan 36-5, other ships they designed for Morgan Yachts consists of the Morgan 43, 44 & 45; the Morgan 36-4/6, Morgan 45-3 and the Morgan 45-4.

Boat Specifications

Eric uses sailboatdata.com for all his sailboat specifications. You can find the specs for the 1983 Morgan 36-5 here.

Ford Yacht Club

The Ford Yacht Club is a family oriented organization that was established in 1947. The facility at the marina offers 281 boat wells that range from 25 feet to 60 feet and are equipped with both electricity and city water. The marina is separated into two facilities, one facility on the East Basin on Frenchman’s Creek and the other on the West Basin. In addition, the marina provides other amenities like a small boat launch ramp, a three ton Single point lift and a kayak rack that is located on the northwest side of the marina’s property. You can find the Ford Yacht Club at 29500 Southpointe Rd, Grosse Ile, MI 48138.

Salt Creek Marina

Salt Creek Marina has good facilities and staffed with both helpful and professional employees. The marina allows do-it-yourself repairs as well as having the repair capabilities for the hull, engine and propellers. Salt Creek Marina is located at 107 15th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33702.

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